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The Phantom's Virtual Postcard Tour Continues.
This time we're visiting:

witch's house
Unfortunately, whenever we think of Massachusetts history, we cannot help but remember those witch hunts. I visited the Boston area one time and made it a point to go to Salem. Here's a postcard of a Witch House. Rather ordinary house for Salem. Nobody could even guess that a witch or two may have lived there. The thing that really amazed me is that Salem is given over to the witch business. They have created an industry out of what was truly a dark period in American history. 

This is a very old postcard, probably from the turn of the 20th century. There's a long message on the reverse from a woman named "Lily" who mailed it (in an envelope I suppose) to "Dear Card Friend". Apparently she exchanged postcards with a "pen pal". She said she was ashamed of her card (above) but would find other better ones soon. Pen pals -- ah -- sort of like email today!

Here's an old postcard of The Graves Light in the Boston Harbor. It was mailed on Feb. 6, 1908. You might be interested in its reverse!
Junk mail
The card was just another piece of junk mail. What amazed me was that it was their 189th (Loomis) Sale. I have no idea what kind of goods they were selling, but notice that the card is addressed to the Hon. W. G. Cady at the Court House in Syracuse -- a long way from Boston in 1908.

Cape Cod postcard
Here's a postcard to make you chuckle. It's the highway through Cape Cod, circa 1908. The highway has changed quite a bit since then, huh?

Sandwich Beach
But once you get to the beach, time stands still. This is Sandwich Beach, Cape Cod.
(At least I hope it still looks this way, sort of...)

Please join the Phantom  as our virtual tour of the US continues. So far, our tour includes the following states:

California, Oregon, Washington,
Alaska, Hawaii
, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Stay with us as we visit all of the United States, 
and who knows where next...

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