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The Phantom's Virtual Postcard Tour continues...
Recently I received, as a gift from a friend, a boxful of mid-century vintage postcards. Her mom had recently passed away and she was going through her stuff, when she remembered that I like old postcards. Of course I was thrilled to get them and couldn't wait to open the box!

The postcard collector was "well-traveled" and so were her friends. Apparently they went on cruises together frequently and then kept in touch via postcards. There were so many cards, some from familiar places, and not-so-familiar places as well. It was such a treat to thumb through them, and choose some to share with you.

It's not easy to decide which are the most interesting postcards when you are looking at hundreds of them. There are so many of the same subject, mainly hotels, swimming pools, views of lakes and oceans that all start to look blur together. So I pulled out the ones that caught my eye as being somewhat odd or interesting. Let's start with:

Cruise Ships of the mid-century
I want to begin with the beautiful cruise ships. I guess cruising was their favorite way to travel. This was back in the day when these ships still looked like ocean liners, not floating buildings.

This is the SS Mariposa, a cruise ship that accommodated 336 passengers and
sailed between California and the South Seas. The stamp on the back (postmark 1972)
 was from French Polynesia.

This is the Royal Viking Sea, out of Norway, accommodating 500 passengers
and sailing the world. The Norway stamp was postmarked "on board" in 1977.

This is the Holland-America Line, ss Statendam, as it looked in the 1970s. (If you
check the web, you will find that the Statendam now looks like a floating building.)
No info on how many passengers it would accommodate. It has Netherlands postage.

This is the Italian Liner, the Michelangelo, that sailed between North
America and the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, there is no postmark on
the US postage stamp.

And finally, this is the SS "France", and according to the message, the travelers
are on a world cruise somewhere between New Zealand and Australia at the
time it was mailed in 1974. For the era, this was a big ship, it
accommodated over 2,000 passengers.

Bon Voyage! We can only imagine what amazing journeys they had aboard these cruise ships.

Please join the Phantom  as our virtual tour of the US continues. So far, our tour includes the following states:

California, Oregon, Washington,
Alaska, Hawaii
, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Stay with us as we visit all of the United States, 
and who knows where next...

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Diannek, clevermag's editor, 
is affectionately known as
the Phantom to friends and family.



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