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The Phanton's Virtual Postcard Tour continues...

                            "The Back of the Postcard Tour"

One of the most intriguing things about collecting old postcards is reading what folks write on the backs of them. Oddly enough, many of them contain language other than English (of all things!). So the Clever staff has been hard at work translating the messages found on the backs of  the Phantom's old postcards. Surprisingly interesting. Here are what some of them say.

We're sobering up at this tea garden after spending the night
drunk in Dublin. What a way to start a vacation. Everything they
say about the Irish is all true. The investigation continues.

The British Isles are simply littered with castles. For the life of me
I cannot tell them apart. Cold, draughty, but nevertheless, rather imposing.
I'm ignoring the "to let" signs.

It's all Greek to me! It's beautiful here but I get seasick in small boats.
The ouzo is plentiful but highly over-rated. So far the Dublin spirits are winning
the taste test.

La Tour Eiffel was not fun because I'm afraid of heights, and the Louvre
was crowded with tourists. Alors! I prefer to sit on a bench next to the Seine
and watch the artists at work.

When in Italy one should spend lots of time and Lire (Euros) on food and wine.
Also on cappuccinos and bread and cheese and gelato. And be sure to visit
Venice before it sinks completely out of sight. See those tables under the awnings?
That's a great place to sample the food and wine, and so forth.
Wish you were here.

Switzerland, at last. This country makes me want to yodel with joy.
Home soonest, miss you!

Please join the Phantom  as our virtual tour of the US continues. So far, our tour includes the following states:

California, Oregon, Washington,
Alaska, Hawaii
, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Stay with us as we visit all of the United States, 
and who knows where next...

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Diannek, clevermag's editor, 
is affectionately known as
the Phantom to friends and family.



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