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The Phantom's Virtual Postcard Tour continues...
Old Hawaii

As some of you may know, I spent a couple weeks in Hawaii this winter. It was a girl friend trip so we spent a great deal of time playing bridge, nibbling snacks, sipping our maitais and wandering around taking in the sights. I hadn't been to Waikiki in years so it was great fun to see how it has changed. Then I found some great old Hawaiian postcards, circa the 1920s, when it was still a territory. Here's one of Waikiki -- great swim suits, huh?

One of our first stops was at the Banyan Court at the Moana Hotel. It's a wonderful place for a meal or a special drink. Some things don't change too much over the years.

Here's a huge banyan tree, like the one that's still growing in the International Market Place on Kalakaua. I can't say that this part of Waikiki has improved. It's loaded with too many little Asian women selling souvenirs and assorted tourist junk. They all seem just a little too desperate.

But this old postcard and these old cars, what a hoot it must have been to tool around the island in one of these, scaring the living daylights out of the local folks.

Of course they are still riding the surf!

We spent one day in downtown Honolulu. The claim is that Honolulu's Chinatown hasn't changed much since the late 1800s. Well, they forget. They should have looked at this postcard.

The Big Island has also changed some, well, maybe a lot, but not as much as Oahu. You can still get a vague idea of what things were like earlier in the century if you spend a few days on the Big Island.
No matter how many times I visit the Islands, it's never enough. Can't wait for the next trip.

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