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Clever's Movie Review Archive

The Phantom is Clever's official movie reviewer. She loves them, goes often, and has developed the ability to sit through some very disappointing films. Occasionally Karen Dale reviews movies, usually video rentals that were overlooked during their theatre runs. (Karen does have a day job, you know.) The reviews are sorted into Hits! and Duds! Yes, we're still collecting all the reviews.

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Here's the Clever rating system
**** =   Great film, don't miss it
***   =   Worth recommending
**    =   Wait for the video
*      =   Don't go there
      =   What's the world coming to!

Here's a list of the movie essays that have appeared in earlier issues:
Top 10 movies of the decade

The Wild One: an ode to Marlon Brando and the Golden Age of movies, by Brenda G. Wooley
Shrek: one of the Phantom's favorite movies of all time
Casino Royale, by Charles Lord
Things we Learn from the Movies- anonymous email humor
A Perfect Murder II by the Phantom

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