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Pergo: The Simple 
Home Repair Project

by the Phantom

Tool guy

We wanted to install a small area of that faux hardwood flooring stuff they call Pergo, so we wandered down to the Depot one day and luckily found a salesperson just hanging around, who was delighted to talk to us about the wonders of the product. According to him, since the project was so small and simple, it would be a lead pipe cinch to install. We probably wouldn't even have to look at the video they sell that has the complete instructions on laying these faux floors. 

We chose the Pergo that you don't have to glue since we were just doing a small entryway -- sort of like putting down a hardwood floor mat that butted up against only one wall and went under the door jamb. A piece of cake. We'd only need one box of Pergo -- they sell it by the box, not the piece.

Luckily, the Phantom's friend is a tool guy. We enlisted him to help with the project and after considering it from every angle, he finally agreed to do the job. It took us several hours to complete and it looked great when we finished. 

But here's the thing: I made a list of all the tools we needed to complete the job. I'm not sure that the average handiperson has all these tools just hanging around. That's the thing that the Pergo person neglected to tell us.

Tools needed for laying non-glued Pergo

110 mm. circular Skil saw: for cutting the ends of the Pergo boards to size
Dremel: for cutting the metal pieces used to anchor the Pergo to the subfloor
Jigsaw: for cutting the other ends of the boards, which needed to be cut in an irregular pattern
Miter box and saw: for mitering the finishing pieces
Clamps: for holding the finishing pieces straight while sawing the mitered corners
Wood blocks: for wedging between the clamps and the pieces
Makita hand drill (of course)
Carpenter's square
Tape measure
Small hand drill and bits
Screw drivers
Heavy pattern paper
(for making a pattern for the jigsaw)
Saw horses or chairs for sawing

I think it pays to have the right tool for the job, but good grief, this seems like an impressive list to me. Do most folks just have this stuff lying around in the garage? If not, Home Depot would be delighted to sell them to you, right after they sell you on how easy it is to lay the Pergo. Hmm.

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