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Great photo
Stone Lion, Place de la Concorde
Paris, of course!

Crazy for Lions
Photo credits: Len Fehskens

Len contacted us a while back asking if we'd be interested in looking at his Paris lion photographs. "Mais oui, monsieur, we would love to look at your photos." He sent them to us and we're delighted to share them with you and then add them to our growing stone lion investigations.
I love this one!
The door knocker in the 
Musee de Cluny

I asked Len if he set out specifically to photograph lions while he was in Paris. 

Len: I just noticed that there were a lot of lions. I took a lot of pictures of Paris, and so there were a lot of lions among them. Of course, the fact that "lion" is my namesake had nothing to do with it (Leonard means "lion-hearted".)

Next, I asked Len how he liked Paris.

Len: Words fail. I do not much care for most big cities, even just to visit, but Paris won me over immediately. The city's history, its art, its style, its layout, its grandeur, its innumerable little details, it's just an incredible place. If you've never been there, go! Before I'd been there, I dismissed its reputation as tourist hype; having been there, its reputation does not do it justice.

Lion of Belfort
A reproduction of Frederic Bartoldi's Lion of Belfort
at Place Denfert Rochereau
(please recall that Bartoldi is the designer of the Statue of Liberty)
Hi Felix
A lion fountain at Place Felix Eboue
at the Daumesnil Metro stop.
laughing lion what's so funny
You'll find these lions in the Luxembourg Garden, a wonderful city park for wandering, eating your lunch or resting your feet while people watching. Both of these lions appear to be laughing. Why not? 
thirsty lion
Another lion fountain. You'll find this one at the Place de la Fontaine aux Lions between La Grande Halle and the Cite de la Musique in the Parc de la Villette. (Be sure to take your City Map along with you while you're out lion hunting in Paris.
Clever Magazine has been investigating lion statues for years. If you're interested, 
here's the list of articles on the subject so far:

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If you have any lion photos or information to share, we'd love to hear from you. 
Contact editor@clevermag.com

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