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Inside the CIA:
an anonymous photo essay

Got a good pickle recipe?

This summer a couple of Clever investigators gained entrance into one of our country's most exclusive entities: the CIA. Posing as tourists, they snuck around the property and took photographs at will. Nobody was the wiser (wink, wink).  We are now able to publish some of their findings, which we're sure will interest you.

back entrance
Possible secret entrance. Notice how easy it would be to disappear 
into the shadows of this sinister-looking building.

safety windows
Check out the cunningly barred safety windows.

Can you hear me now?
Could these be listening devices hidden deep in
underground caves?

anonymous email

Say cheese.
Our operatives, posing as tourists.
Are those pickle barrels in the background?

What next?
A CIA employee,  cooking up some new intrigue.

Uh-huh...sure it is.

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