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Getting your ducks in a row
by Dianne K

Lining up ducks and trying to get them into perfect rows, no crowding, no pushing or shoving, all facing the same direction, is something some of us have to do on a regular basis. Some folks get a little more up-tight about tidying up duck rows than others. Some duck herders don't mind if some of the duckies want to line up two by two, but studies suggest that all ducks must face the same direction.

Others like to line them up according to color. Ducks seem to come in a wide variety of colors. Without making a deal about the color line, let's just say that lining up ducks of different colors can sometimes be a challenge.

I've begun to notice that some duck herding experts can spend an entire career herding, sorting, straightening, and pushing ducks around, without ever doing anything else. I'll bet you've noticed them too.

Have you noticed that the duckies at the front of the line usually manage to keep their place, while those at the rear -- those who are harder to keep in line -- cause us the most trouble?

My sympathy goes out to duck herders everywhere. It's a difficult job, but somebody has to do it, right? When all else fails, I recommend...quackers.


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