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I live next door to a Serial Killer...
and I have a spelling disability

By Fred Steinberg



Most people are familiar with Dyslexia but not with what ails many of us – a spelling disability. (For example, in the previous sentence, I spelled “Dyslexia’ as “Dislecsia” and “ails” as “ailes.”) Most people would make light of this challenge as spell check usually identifies misspellings and corrects them.

But they do not realize that spell check does not recognize and is unable to correct badly misspelled words – the kind of spelling mistakes I frequently make. Keyboard “kristal” and you will not get “crystal,” “acuite” and you will not get “acquit” and “artik” and you will not get “arctic.” Particularly frustrating for us spelling challenged are distinguishing “ex” from “x” as in “excape” from “escape,” “il” from “le” as in “littil” from “little” and “is” from “es” or “us” as in “consenis” from “consensus.”

This disability also extends to an inability to distinguish homofones (whoops, make that homophones). For example, when I first read Diane’s prompt: “I live next door to a serial killer,” I envisioned Gentle George next door ruthlessly destroying boxes of Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and Fruit Loops. 


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