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TC's Road Trip:
getting ready

by TC, the Production Assistant

TC is Clever's Production Assistant
and the model for our logo

As a general rule, cats don't like to travel. Trust me on this one, I prefer my own bed, my own window, my own food bowl, and most of all, my own litter box. My traveling experiences usually consist of short moments of boredom, punctuated by hours of extreme torture. 

Here's a short list of my recent trips: 
-Visiting relatives for long periods of time (not too bad once I get over the shock of leaving home and realize I've visited this place before)
-Getting dumped on complete strangers who already have another enemy (pretty horrible)
-Going to the kennel (prison for cats)
-Going to the vet! Help! (This is sheer terror.)

So imagine my surprise when the editor decided I should accompany her on an extended road trip. She never takes me with her when she goes anywhere fun. All I ever get are those postcards, and Hello, I'm a cat. I can't read.

Could I have a little
privacy, please?

Getting ready for a trip is important. First rule, start out clean! You never know what the accommodations will be like along the way. 

Then the next thing to consider is what to pack. I travel light.
Here's my list:
Friskies, Friskies, Friskies
Food Bowl
Napping pillow
Several bags of scented kitty litter
Catnip treats and Toys

Second rule: Never leave home hungry! Eating out is not one of my favorite things. I prefer the Friskies Chicken & White Fish Dinner, please, right out of the can and onto a clean china bowl. Don't refrigerate leftovers. If I had my way, there wouldn't be any leftovers. Yup! Friskies
One last bowl for the road!
pack light
All packed up and ready to go!
Third rule: Try not to look scared when you find yourself in strange situations! Here I am, trying to be calm. I'm worried about the editor: did she remember to pack the Friskies? What about my flying mouse toy? She said there was no room for it. I'll miss it but I guess cats who travel light can't take everything with them.
Fourth rule: Take lots of photos! Here's a shot I took from my travel bag when the editor opened the door for the first time.

Let the adventure begin...

on the road with TC
What an exciting trip this is going to be!

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