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TC's Vacation

by TC, the production assistant

My vacation is over now. I'm back at work, my tan and my accent are both fading. But I do have fond memories I'd love to share with you. 

TC on the road

The weather: a little warmer than I'm used to.
The food: about the same, cats eat what cats eat. 
For Tooie and me that means Friskies, of course.
The sights: Tooie and I spent most of the week under the bed, 
unless we were forced to come out for the occasional photo op.
New friends: None...
Advice for other travelers: leave us home next time.

It's been over a year since I put up my last web pages. You'll fondly remember them as TC's Photo Album, Page 2 and TC Goes Traveling. I've been awfully busy this past year. I have my own assistant now. We call her Too! or Tooie, for short. I tried ignoring her when she first came on the scene, but it didn't work. She's too cute. You may remember reading something about her in The Kitten Kronicle
TC and Tooie!
Here's a news bulletin: she's not a kitten anymore
I've devoted a year training her. She caught on to nearly all my tricks and she came up with a few ideas of her own that I'm still considering. We share everything these days. For example, she loves to sit in the window with me. We prefer to stay indoors and watch the birdbath from here. We both like our food without the feathers, thanks anyhow.

We sleep together too. I need more sleep than she does. She gets restless after 8 or 10 hours. So she gets up and plays with these little toy mice that are scattered all over the house. She also likes anything that's attached to a string. I taught her that. I love to watch her exercise, jumping up, chasing around in circles, hopping onto the furniture. I get tired just thinking about it.

Tooie in her basket

The first time Tooie jumped into this basket, the editor went nuts snapping pictures of her. This is the same basket that their old dead cat named Trouble used to sleep in. I wouldn't go near it because I remember that mean old Trouble from the old days. But Too! is named after Trouble because they resemble each other, sort of. It's all very boring, but Too loves to sleep there when the two of them read the newspaper in the morning. I think she's just trying to suck up, sitting there so cute. Pul-eeze. I still have a few more things to teach her, like how to be more aloof, like me.

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