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Wildlife Whispers...

Spring: It's that time of year when sometimes the the baby birds fall out of their nests. Here's a checklist of things to do if you find one of them, or a nest of them that doesn't appear to have a mommy any longer. (Sometimes that young bird may be learning now to fly! Its parents might be close by watching it. Don't attempt to capture it or help it until you know for certain that it is in trouble.)

No help needed

I may not need any help, 
thank you anyhow!

What to do if you find a Baby Bird

How to tell if the bird is young:
-It has soft fluff called "down" instead of developed feathers
-Its eyes may be closed
-It has a BIG mouth. A baby bird is born with large openings near its beak for feeding
-Its parents may be chirping nearby

Is the animal injured:
-visible signs include wing or leg dragging
-it may be sitting on the ground with its feathers fluffed and its eyes squinting or closed

If you are sure the bird needs your help:
-ask an adult to give you a hand
-get a shoebox, poke several holes in the top for air, and put a paper towel on the bottom
-gently placed the bird inside the box and place it lid on top
-do not open the box or handle the bird unnecessarily
-do not offer food or water
-keep the box in a quiet area until you can bring it to your local wildlife center or humane society

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