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An Archive of
Selected Responses from From Clever Readers:

From Zaphra Reskakis regarding the November 2001 issue: 

Dear Dianne: Great issue! You do it again and again. I absolutely adore the cover artwork. As my Greek parents would say "Igia sta heria tou", Good 
Health, long life...or I prefer my translation, God bless the hands that 
created did it.  (thanks, Zaph!)
The article about Bio warfare was really enlightening. If the media doesn't do it, one's fears can...drive you crazy, that is, and then the goal of terrorists is realized. 

The strange thing about living in NYC in these times is that I and most of my family and  friends do live our lives quite normally. We are lucky because we did not lose loved ones. I am even back at work at the Federal Building, and as I look at the phantom towers in front of me, I say a silent prayer but I do not relive that day at 8:50 am on Sept. 11 when I was walking that very route to work. It was my second day on the job.

Tonight, a friend from New Jersey was surprised to see Time's Square so crowded at 11 pm. "New York," I answered, "will always be the city that never sleeps and this is only 11 pm, after all."  We are definitely not blasé about it and we are wary and careful, but we will not panic. Right now, I'm watching the ballgame, I guess we are like the Yankees ...fighters. Never count us out.

I loved the balance of the serious bio warfare piece and the funny Toilet  Goblins piece. (Thank goodness that was cleared up for me  I thought there 
may have been aliens in my bathroom.) 

In peace and prayer, Zaphra

and from Natalie regarding the November 2001 issue:

Hi Dianne, 

I just finished reading the November issue. It was excellent. I especially enjoyed the poems by the new poet, Andrea Shumovsky, who is also my beautiful niece. I am so proud of her work. 

I was deeply touched by the poetic essay, "First Snow" by Dee Walmsley. I am a lover of snow too. I have a Fullbright teacher from Colombia living with me for one year. He has never seen snow and is eagerly awaiting the day when it arrives. I printed out the essay, and I am keeping it for the very first snowfall of the season. We will sit in front of my picture window and read the essay again. Then Alex and I will bundle up and go outside for his first walk in the snow. 

As soon as he has been acclimated to the snow, I will introduce him to his first snow shovel and demonstrate the art of removing snow from the driveway. That should be a unique experience too. 

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving. I look forward to the December issue. My love to all your contributors and readers. I feel like you are all now part of my family. Pray for peace. Sincerely, Natalie Pieterse

Natalie: be sure to tell us how the snow shoveling lesson went. We're dying to know...diannek

and from Pat Farley, re the November 2001 issue:

Dear Dianne: - thanks for including my story, The Nightingale Still Sings. I understand that two of the nurses from St. Clare's received bonuses and they swear it was due to my article! Pat Farley

Let's hear it for the nurses! They deserve all the rewards they can get... diannek

Subject: Loved your piece (October 2001 issue)

I loved your Amtrak piece. A friend of mine had to take the train several years ago in order to visit her ailing mother in Ohio. The town is off the beaten path and the cost of renting a car was prohibitive for her. 

She went through the same hell so things have been bad for a long time. Your suggestions were practical and not that expensive. With so many people fearful of flying (myself included) it would be investment spending for them to take your advice.

Be well and happy. Victoria Reggio

I haven't heard a word from Amtrak about fixing their problems. However, they have requested $$ from the government to help keep them in business now that they have more passengers. So I guess more people than ever can "experience the Amtrak way."

The August 2001 Dog Days Issue
We received lots of responses to this issue. Here are just a few of them:

Dragon seahorse
Joyce's Dragon Seahorse

From Joyce Wade:
We loved the Monterey Bay Aquarium. In January this year we went to Florida and  visited a small but very interesting aquarium.  I took the attached photo with a digital camera of the most unusual creature called a Dragon Seahorse. I've never seen one in my life before and believe it or not, all that stuff hanging on him, is HIM. Or HER--who knows? Very unusual creature. The Tampa aquarium is small, nothing compared to Monterey. Once you've been to Monterey everything else is diminished. Even the newish one at Long Beach pales in comparison.   Joyce

From Esther McKee: Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Doofus story.  It shows so well what bonds we have with our animal friends and visa versus.  Thanks for your story Dave, and clevermag for publishing it.       Esther

From Carrol Chrys: The new issue is terrific. I adore the painting of the two dogs. The Doofus story is too wonderful. The movie review makes me want to see the "blonde". I just noticed the email address for Dave and I will write him.  Carrol

From Jane Starbird: I love the theme of the August clevermag. Glad you liked the Julianne Jones card I sent you. I bought her cards at the Pine Butte Guest Ranch in Montana. She works with crayons and other soft pastel type things to get that soft textured look.   Jane

From Sue Owens Wright: What a great job! Loved the doggie graphics, too. Thanks so much! I'm keeping busy these days with book signings and finishing up book 2 in the Beanie and Cruiser series. Let me know what kind of material you're looking for in future issues. I'd love to contribute again.   Sue 
Editor's note: Sue wrote two doggie articles for the August issue. She's a frequent contributor, who writes mysteries featuring basset hounds Beanie and Cruiser. 

From Jack Fox: THREE YEARS?!?! I thought you just started this a couple of months ago!!! CONGRATULATIONS!   Jack

the crazy French artist
Here's a page from Agnès Tisserand's sketchbook, 
which you can see more of when you visit her French  website!
It's definitely worth a look..

From Agnès Tisserand: Hello, I just visit your website, clever and marvelous, but you forget one thing -- to link my French website, so don't forget next time, remember Site xix. Bonne journée. Cordialement, Agnès 

In response to "What's In and What's Out" (Issue #6, 1/99)

Hey Diane!

More than one oops! At least for me. I read your list of what's in and what's out and while I agree with most of what you say, the orthopedic surgeon being "out" and the chiropractor being "in" is not the thing to say to the wife of an orthopedic surgeon! You want to hear some horror stories I'm the person to talk to! (Of course some of my best friends are chiropractors and I have actually been to one myself - however.....)

I'm going to try hard not to let this affect our newly found best friend status! Guess I will still access Amazon through Clevermag but maybe not for a day or two. (from PG)

(Editor's note:  I hope we can still be friends!)

In response to Cloning Hitler,Issue #2, Fall 1998

I am not "wired" or electronically hooked on computerism but I understand that undesired material, pornography and other toxins lie in ambush in the hinterland of the Web. As in the realm of manual typewriters and ordinary facilities of communication, it has not yet been determined what is kosher and what is a "no-no", so to speak. What is nude, crude and lewd -- and what has been branded haughty, naughty and O! My Gawd! I understand questionable expressions have fuzzy borders in the virgin wilderness of the web, so I submit "Latent Images" in the wake of prop-wash Monica-isms.

Latent Images

Frilly Illusions -- false conclusions
The urge to analyze and philosophize
All the groping,
Hoping to finalize the query
"Which reached first on that Distant Shore
Egg or chick?"

And so that tangled knot still unraveled
By mental probe or severed by the stab of sword
Is now assailed by test tube and sterile lab, Eureka!
Only Man's Alchemy of masturbated seed could plagiarize the Ferment!
And stamped on the buttock of the clone:
"Made in infamy". (From Burt Wells)

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