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Good bye
Letters to the Editor


Dear Dianne:  I will certainly miss Clevermag. You gave me the impetus to keep writing  when you published my first piece over 20 years ago. One of the loveliest days  in a crazy post 9/11 world , especially since I was one of the ones running from there, was meeting you and Sheri 20 years ago and eating at Ellen's Stardust Diner. And, I have always grateful for your support and friendship.

I certainly can appreciate all the work and creativity that went into the magazine  and wish you well in whatever you decide to  do. Good luck you deserve it. I think youu should collect those great essays,  or should I say Yousays ,  that you have been posting on Facebook.. 

I did love the murder prompt. It was great fun Portland I will have to mull over. Never been there, never saw the show, know nothing about it except there is also one in Maine that I have been to.

My best to Karen, Sheri and her family  Love zaph

Thank you Zaph. It has become a pleasure to get to know you better over the years. And that trip to NYC was truly memorable. See you on Facebook,


To Diannek,

 Although you may take the journal on hiatus in the near future, I want to thank you for Clever and all your work on it for so long. You probably already know this, but by publishing the work of others, you have given many writers a sense of hope that there is worth in their work. Validation works like that.

But I know this has all meant compromises with your own creative spirit. I was a creative writing teacher for many years until my recent retirement. And, maybe like you, often looked longingly at my own abandoned writing. After reading and critiquing class work, I didn’t have much energy for my own writing. There is also the constant risk of filling your head with the voices of others, so much so that in time you wonder if your own voice is still there and intact.

Mine is, thankfully. For better or worse, of course. But I greatly value the time I have now to write, revise, jot down ideas and so on. 

Bottom line. Take plenty of time for yourself. You’ve more than earned it.

Happy creativity.

Best, Christopher Woods

Dear Christopher: Thanks so much for your kind words. You definitely get it. Yes, it was a big job but I had my own motives. I knew if I created a little website with just my own writing that it wouldn't be much of anything, but if I invited others to write for an online journal that I edited, it might be more interesting. I had no idea that it would turn into a 25 year journey, and that I would make so many friends, and yes, help others too. I also learned a great deal about editing. Not easy, ha ha.

I am sad to let the magazine go, but it's time, and I'm getting a little too old to be sitting at my laptop for long hours. And like every writer, I still have a lot to say. The clock is ticking.

Keep at it! Dianne


Although I will miss your publication, I understand nearly completely. As someone who’s experiencing what I perceive to be the same life-symptoms, I say good for you! Put aside what’s taking your energy and devote what you have to what brings you more fulfillment and pleasure. I learned this after coming within half an hour of dying twice in two months. The ICU had a bed with my name on it.  

All the best to you and may your days be filled with joy and your nights with wonder.
Mike “Mexico” Mike Nelson

Dear Mike, Thanks so much for your kind words. Life is short, as you have learned twice now. Hope you are doing well these days.


From Sheri, Dee/Darlene Walmsley’s daughter:

As you may be aware, mum’s health has been deteriorating for a number of years, more rapidly this year and in the last month. She died peacefully in her sleep Saturday morning, September 4. She was alert and spirited right up to the end and left this world under her own terms.

I know that she really enjoyed writing for the magazine and I am finding loads of her stories as I go through her computer. If you are ever in need of a story…

Sheri Walmsley

Dear Sheri: I was saddened to learn that Dee is no longer with us. Dee was Clever's nature writer for many years. She loved and was a caring advocate for the little creatures. I have many, many stories archived on Clever from her. Thank you so much for getting in touch with me.

With much sadness for Dee,
Love, Dianne

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