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From the "Is this Art? file...

Photo Album Rejects

by Diannek

Who are these strangers?
The Phantom and her pals
stopping for lunch in Portland, OR

We've all got them: stacks of out-of-focus, over-exposed snapshots of our latest adventures in photography, a hobby we save for those special moments we feel compelled to memorialize. It might be a reunion, a cruise, or that trip we've been planning for years. We might even buy a new camera to take along with us, hoping that finally the camera will work this time and magically film life the way we really see it.

And when we decide we must be in one of the photos, we hand over that precious camera to a total stranger to snap off a quick shot of the whole group, like the one above. Luckily, this time just the top of our heads were cut off as the shaky-handed stranger favored us with this unfortunate reject.

As I was going through my latest stack of photos from this year's summer road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver, BC, I couldn't help but notice just how many duds, confusing and odd photos I had taken.

Wanna see them? Sure you do...this will be fun!

graffiti again
San Francisco
Here's a shot of the outside of the Orpheum Theatre in downtown San Francisco. After you find a parking lot that's not full, you walk down Market Street, being careful not to step on the sleepy homeless people sprawled on the sidewalks. When you reach the theater, be sure to check out the artful graffiti on the windows. 
I can't seem to miss I-5 whenever I travel in California. Here's one from a potty stop. That's a mangled guardrail in the foreground. I'm busy checking the area for rattlesnakes (a signpost warned me to watch for them), but it wasn't a rattler that wrecked that railing. I-5 again!
I-5 again somewhere north of Weed!
What's that doing in Oregon?
Winston, OR's cheetah
Winston is a very small southern Oregon town near Roseburg, another small southern Oregon town. We drove through it very early one morning -- too early to stop for coffee and ask why a bronze cheetah statue stood right smack in the center of the town's main intersection. Later I learned that Winston hosts a Wildlife Safari park. I wonder how the Wildlife likes the Oregon weather?
Now here's one that hard to figure out. It's a clearcut that's clearly visible from the highway between Portland and Seaside. I guess the loggers got so carried away, they forgot to leave the beauty strip to hide their work from passing motorists. That's an ugly photo
Oregon clear-cut
Huh? Do I need to explain this one? I think not.
Well, I guess this qualifies as a fairly good photo, but it's the subject matter itself that is sort of weird. Just off I-5 in Washington State there's a road that leads up the trail to Mount St. Helens, with what they call "Interpretive Centers" along the way. It's a very eerie experience to see this mountain with its whole side blasted away, getting closer and closer as you travel along. Creepy? Yes. Mt. St. Helens
Mount St. Helens

Lions Gate Bridge, Vanc., BC
As we were touring Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, we came upon an overpass to the Lions Gate Bridge and I couldn't help myself. I had to try and photograph the stone lion guarding the bridge entrance. I needed a better camera for this job, but I think you can make it out.

One of these days I promise to share with you the photos of this trip that turned out good. It was a "friends and family trip" and there were lots of great moments, and some of them are actually recorded with memorable keepsake photos that turned out sort of good. I always tell myself to take lots of snapshots because the more I take, the luckier I'll get...maybe. More later.
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