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Food Essays

(These recipes have been designed to be printed onto 4x6 recipe cards. Or you may wish to print them on card stock and cut them to size.)


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Food, beautiful food...
Check out our food essays!
Cheese Stick Alligator Bites
~ fun with food
Cheese Stick Stuffed Mushrooms ~ more fun with food
Chunky Guacamole ~ where are the tortilla chips?

Eggplant Appetizer ~
from a Greek recipe
Pineapple salsa
~ delicious with grilled meats
French Style Tapanada ~ from the South of France
Frittatas ~ nice hot finger food
Baked Cheddar Olives
~ pass them around
Smooth Guacamole ~ lime juice gives it an interesting new flavor
Garlic Guacamole ~ a more traditional recipe
Bourbon Hot Dogs ~ an old favorite!

Breads and Biscuits:
Rhubarb Muffins
~ from the Oak Bay, Victoria, BC guest house
Coffee Cake
does anybody eat coffee cake anymore?
Pumpkin Bread
~ this recipe makes 3 loaves and it's yummy!
Karen's Banana Bread ~
low fat!
Marmalade Bread ~ nice with tea!
Peppy's Mayo Biscuits ~ easy and delicious
Dianne's Persimmon Bread
~ a wonderful winter treat when it's persimmon time.

Casseroles and other one-dish meals:
LaVonne's Crustless Quiche ~ try this for brunch
Refrigerator Mashed Potatoes ~ will keep in the fridge!
Cheesy Hash-Browns ~ good for a brunch buffet
Dianne's Chili ~ easy and delicious
Elk Burger Chili
Tom's recipe
Mexican Mac and Cheese ~
this is fun
Latin American Pork Stew ~ try this!
Greek meat and rice pie
New Joe's Special
a San Jose, California treat
Grandma's Turkey Stuffing ~ Thanksgiving!
Tom's Thai Shrimp and Coconut Rice ~ try this one
Wild Rice Stuffing ~
you'll like this one

Papaya chicken Salad
~ there's a hint of curry is this main dish salad
Thai Red Curry Chicken ~ with Jasmine rice, please
Louise's Tahitian Chicken Salad
a main dish salad 
Fall Chicken Salad ~
this is yummy!
Wine Roasted Chicken
~ just marinate and bake

Meat specials:
Luau Spareribs
~ a nice change of pace, oven-baked ribs
Barbecued Flank Steak ~ here's a tasty marinade


Fresh Apple Cake
this is a good recipe
Phantom's Fools Cake ~ the dump cake
Peppy's Mississippi Mud Cake
~ lovely old Southern recipe
Diane Toler Wood's Carrot Cake
Grandma's Christmas Fruitcake
5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake ~ microwave!

    Pies and Cobblers
Apple Pie Cheesecake
~ indulge in this one
Easy Apple Crisp ~ a quick winter treat
Brandied Cherries ~
a family favorite
Easy Fruit Cobbler ~ easy and delicious
Faux Lemon Trifle Dessert ~ tasty, old-fashioned dessert
Hurrah for Apple Pie ~ an unusual recipe
Key Lime Pie ~ yummy!
Sweet Potato Pie ~ a Carolina specialty
Old-Fashioned Cherry Pie ~ grandma's favorite

Dianne's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ~
easy and good for you -- sort of
Mary Rose's Ginger Cookies ~
nice at Christmas
Neiman-Marcus Cookies ~ I've already halved the recipe because the original version made too many  cookies for us.  I'm always looking out for the Clever readers.
Kim's Lavender Shortbread ~
this special treat brings the scent of Kim's garden right into her Arboleda dining room.

Candied Walnuts
~ use these in salads
Sugared Walnuts ~ Here's the recipe for those old fashioned walnuts we like at Christmastime
Cockroach Clusters
chocolate candy a la Harry Potter
The Best Fudge ~ this is a winner every time

Christmas Pasta ~
very pretty
The Phantom's Pasta ~ green beans and an omelet make up this nifty little dish
Eggplant Lasagna ~ this is quick if you can find the No-Cook pasta
Basic Tomato Sauce for pasta
Red Pepper Salad ~ Ouch!
Singapore Noodles ~ with peanut butter

Orange Walnut Cranberry Sauce
~ a holiday favorite

Mexican Chicken Salad ~ this one is very hearty
Shrimp & Hearts of Palm Salad ~ great eye appeal

Southwest Salad
~ ole!
Fall Chicken Salad ~ this is yummy!
Pineapple Salsa ~ try with grilled meat
Five Cup Salad ~ a real oldie! 
Salade Nicoise ~ from the South of France
Louise's Tahitian Chicken Salad ~ a main dish salad
Roasted Potato & Green Bean Salad ~ not your mom's potato salad
Romaine-mango Salad ~ hot weather salad
Mom's Potato Salad ~ the old-fashioned recipe
Arboleda Beet Orange Salad ~ another wonderful recipe from Kim Cox

Diet Veggie Soup ~ eat as much as you like!
Karen's Hot Sour Soup ~ just like your favorite Chinese restaurant
Cream of Roasted Tomato Soup ~ nice with home-grown tomatoes
Chicken Tortilla Soup ~ an easy one-dish meal
Tom's Cilantro Chicken Tortilla Soup ~ the best
The Phantom's Turkey Soup with Sherry~ the Thanksgiving soup
Quick Tomato Pesto Soup ~ a quick and delicious soup
Fresh Corn Chowder with Roasted Peppers ~ this is wonderful!

Tea sandwiches:
Curried Chicken with Avocado ~ this is a very hearty sandwich
Egg-Yolk Butter & Asparagus ~ this sandwich has great eye appeal
Pineapple Nut ~ this is a lovely sweet sandwich that tastes perfect with tea

Tomato Torte ~ elegant for lunch
Tom's Chinese Green Beans ~ a very special recipe.
Kim's Pumpkin Casserole ~ another Arboleda favorite.
Karen's Baked Eggplant ~ a one-dish meal
Cheesy Baked Eggplant ~ this is easy and tasty

Old-fashioned Granola ~ this is perfect on a cold winter morning
A French Luncheon
Dog Pound Doggie Biscuits ~ give the poor doggie a bone

Postcard Recipes

Clever's Food Essays
The Simple Pineapple

The Art of Alkimia, a Catalonian dining experience, by Stephen S. Hale
Sweet Symphony by Cheryl Levinson
On becoming a Gorilla Vegetarian by Cheryl Levinson
A French lunch by the Phantom
Like to Eat? by Monique Rider

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