The Phantom's Pasta Recipe

You'll need a couple of eggs, some fresh green beans, some pasta -- like maybe spaghetti, and a big hunk of parmesan cheese.

1) Make a simple omelet, sautéed until crispy in olive oil, and sprinkled generously with Italian herbs.  Set aside on a plate and dice it into small bits.

2) Break up green beans into bite-sized pieces and steam until just barely tender.

3) Boil pasta according to directions on back of package. Drain, not too well, so there's a little pot juice left.

4) Toss together the beans, the omelet pieces, and a generous amount of grated cheese into the pasta.

Pass additional cheese when serving this dish.

Hint:  use fresh herbs if you have them. Serve with crusty French bread, a salad and a bottle of merlot. 




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