Kim's Pumpkin Casserole
3 lbs. (6 cups) pumpkin, chopped
1 large apple, chopped
l large onion, chopped
l t cumin seeds
2 T butter
8 canned or roasted sweet peppers, split
3 cups cornbread (add lT sugar if not sweet)
1 carton non-fat cottage cheese
1cup crumbled feta cheese (save 1/4 cup)
1/2 cup hulled, roasted, salted pumpkin seeds

...with thanks to Kim Cox of Arboleda ( for this recipe!
Steam chopped pumpkin 10 mins and drain well.  Melt butter and sauté 3/4 onion and apple with cumin seeds.  Mix. with the pumpkin.

Grease 9x13" baking dish. Heat oven to 325°. Crumble 2 C of the cornbread into the baking dish and toast in oven till crisp.   Layer peppers over cornbread, then cheese, then pumpkin mixture.   Crumble the remaining cup of cornbread and sprinkle on top.

Bake for 30 mins, then add seeds and more feta and bake 10 mins more. Serves 9

To read about Arboleda, see Clever's articles in the Archives.

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