Karen's Hot & Sour Soup  

Ham, about 1/2 cup
Bamboo Shoots, handful
1 Carrot
Green onion for garnish
Can of beef broth

3 tbls. corn starch
3 tbls. water
3 tbls. rice vinegar
Pepper to taste
1 teasp. soy sauce



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Bring broth and water to a boil. Meanwhile, cut up ham, bamboo shoots  and carrot into match-stick size. Add to broth and boil 2 minutes. 

Make sauce and stir into soup mixture. Continue cooking and stirring until soup begins to thicken. Lower heat and simmer a few minutes.

Break egg into a small bowl and beat until yellowish. Then take soup off heat and slowly dribble the egg into the soup, while stirring the soup (egg-drop style).

Add chopped green onion and serve at once.


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