Chunky Guacamole  

6 Roma Tomatoes – diced
1 Onion – diced fine
½ bunch of fresh Cilantro, chopped
Lg pinch Cumin
Lg Squirt Lemon Juice (fresh works best)
1 Jar Chunky Salsa (medium hot or your preference)
6 Ripe Avocados – diced
Salt & Pepper

Habanera Hot Sauce (If you want to “Kick it up a notch or two!”)

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Mix everything but the salt and pepper mixed together in a bowl before you do the Avocados. Otherwise they have a tendency to turn brown even with the lemon juice if they sit too long waiting for you to chop up all the rest of the stuff. The Cumin does tend to darken it a bit anyway.

Mix all ingredients together keeping avocado chunky. Serve chilled with white corn tortillas chips. 

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