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2010 Movies: quick reviews of the best and worst of the year
by Karen Dale, Clever's movie reviewer

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Editor's note:
way too many movies to review in depth before the Oscars. I do love the movies but unfortunately this year I haven't had time to see that many of them. But I thought you all might be interested in Karen's list, since she is an avid movie goer, and she created this quick list for us. There will be plenty of time after the big show to watch the best of 2010. I did see The King's Speech, so I totally agree with Karen. If you only have time for one movie, that's the one to spend your money on. DK

Best movies of 2010, in order:

1. Kings Speech— Excellent in every way. Should win the Oscar.

2. The Other guys— A decent story and super-funny in many ways: clever, dry, slapstick, bizarre.

3. Temple Grandin— A Showtime movie based on the real person; extremely well acted by Claire Danes.

4. The Kids Are All Right— This one got a lot of hype. I thought it was good, but the outrageous hotness of Mark Ruffalo puts it on my list.

5. Shutter Island— Confusing and a bit disjointed and ultimately confounding, but it kept me thinking a long time. It even made me want to read the book afterwards (which I did—it didn’t help). The Ruffalo factor is also at play here.

6. Get Him to The Greek— I know this is a surprising pick. I can’t say I necessarily remember this one, but I do remember enjoying it and laughing my head off.

Worst movies of 2010, no order because they all sucked:

I try hard to skip movies that are obvious crap. So this list has not been culled from the full gamut of potential stupidity.

The Tourist— This is the most recent terrible movie I saw. Depp and Jolie thought being pretty would be enough to pull this horrible plot out of the crapper. Wrong.

Hot Tub Time Machine— Yes, I should have known better. But "they" know the Cusak/80’s mashup is easy bait for my demographic.

Grown ups— Same theory as above with Sandler/80’s, but much worse (as if). Sooooo bad. No redeeming factors at all. None.

Leap Year— I figured this was a crap-fest, so didn’t watch it until faced with a rainy day on the couch with no other options. Crapalicious. Awful.

Dear John— Fell into this one by default—the movie I wanted to see was sold out. My friend and I figured seeing something sweet and mindless couldn’t hurt. Brain putrefaction.

Kick-Ass— So violent and wrong, I found this one unwatchable after 10 minutes.

Movies I missed which might rightfully deserve a place on one of these lists:

Clash of Titans— I’ve got this one set to record on Jan 4. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed by the lack of cheeze representative of the original, but I’m still willing to give it a try.

Wall Street 2— This one’s in my Netflix cue.

Despicable Me— I tend to skip animation, but maybe this one’s worth a look-see.

Inception— I’m not sure I want to think this hard.

The Town— Didn’t hear much about this one after it came out, but I’m curious.

Social Network— I’m sorry, I just don’t care.

Conviction— Love me some Swank. Just saw Amelia and found that is was more about an interesting woman’s life than the story we already know. Hilary’s so good.

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