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Winter 2021 - update
"A change in the weather!"

Note to writers: Here's a writing prompt for you. I'd like to publish this story:     "I live next door to a serial killer."

Make your story as long or as short as you like. Fiction or truth, both are okay with me. I'll publish them all, if they are fit to print.

Winter updates:
Full Disclosure, by Lou-Ellen Barkan
Angel of Misplaced Mercy, by Walter Giersbach
The Flash Fiction Mob, by Anita G. Gorman
Porcine Amor, by Colleen Halupa
Post covid shopping, by William Levine
Rocky: My Little Love Bug,
by Trish Paciulli
Olive, by Elizabeth Rau
Something Fishy, by Lina Rehal
I Lost 15 Pounds on the Liz Taylor Diet, by Zaphra Reskakis

A Message from the Editor - updated

Featured in this issue: Walter Giersbach,
he's so prolific, so snarky, great reading
Borrowed your Boat
Death by Apathy

Moving Violation

Winter Essays and short stories:
Family Tradition,
by Kim Bonner

Three pandemic related stories by Martin Green:
as Martin points out, things are dreadfully mundane these days for the sheltered ones. But our poor country, yikes!

A Pandemic Walk
A Walk in the Rain
Pandemic: the June Journal

Dog Stories! our favorite thing
Joyful Obsession,
by Colleen Halupa
102 Degrees of Love, by Julian Grant

Book Reviews: The Book Report, by the editor

Late summer updates:
Mangos and Tombstones, by Susan P Blevins
Nocturnal Hunt, by Susan P. Blevins
Girl Talk, by Walter Giersbach
Ray and Shirley, by Monty McDannald
Splenda in the time of Covid19, by Zaphra Reskakis

Encore! our most-read stories from the summer issue:
Joined at the Heart, by Walter Giersbach
Three delicious short stories by Martin Green
   At the Buena Vista, SF!
   Appointment in Samarra 2020: a riff on John O'Hara
   My Day in Lockdown

From long past issues:
Cleaning up the Idea Files: Part 1, Part 2
Still relevant? Remembering the 20th Century


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Travel Essays, armchair travel at its finest

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