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The Phantom's page:
here's an index of some of the pieces that I wrote for clevermag...

For those of you who are new to Clever, "the Phantom" is my pen name. When I first began working on Clever, I had very few contributors, so I invented The Phantom, as a staff member. She's still with us.

Cheers from Dianne Kochenburg,
the editor of Clever Magazine

On writing for Clevermag:
An interview with Rejectioncollection.com

In Bed with the Phantom, running comments on books I've been reading...
On Book Collecting
by Diannek...are you a collector or an accumulator
1001 Books, a work in progress
A Literary Journey, by Dianne Kochenburg

The environment:
Speaking of Rain, by Dianne Kochenburg
But First Some Bad News about the Environment, by Dianne K.
Baby Squirrels! a photo essay by Diannek
Last Word on Moss Removal, by Diannek
Urban Wildlife, Diannek
California on Fire
...the summer fire season hits Bucks Lake
Christmas means more Stuff! by Diannek
On Storms, by Diannek, the storm vocabulary
On Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins by Diannek ...a beginners guide to turtles
The Moon Bear Problem: perhaps one of the most horrible things ever done to wild animals
Mulesing: getting involved

Dictionaries! endangered species, by Dianne K.
Good-bye Sugar, by Dianne K

Karen and Barkley go Camping: mom's satellite journal, by Diannek
Decoding the Quotes, by Diannek
Spam File, by Diannek
With Love from my iphone, by the Phantom
Couples, by the Phantom
New Years Resolutions, by the Phantom
Dread by Diannek
Getting Personal, by Diannek
Other People's Houses, by Diannek
Reading other peoples mail, by Diannek
Remembering the 20th century, a time capsule by Diannek
Two Years in Hawaii by Diannek
The Yard Sale by Dianne
Secret Agents: the moles in my life

Selected essays on art and artists

Chicago, the Garden City
by Diannek
Independent Gardens: freeway flowers, by the Phantom

Kauai Gardens

Interesting Information
Emergency Kits
Investigating "the 45 amazing ways to use lemons"
Stone Lion Statues  
The Lion of Lucerne  
Carbos, what are we doing?
Hunza Bread Scam
Ordering Fast Food, by the Phantom
Researching Coke Facts!

Tea Time, by Diannek
How to Install Pergo: not quite so simple
In the event of my untimely passing: a to-do list

Cleaning out the ideas files, Part I

Cleaning, Part II

Homeless, by Diannek

Fruit Salad:
The Simple Pineapple
The Lemon

Movie Reviews:
Clever maintains an archive of movie reviews.
Many are written by The Phantom

Pet Pages:
Barkley: my excellent life

Mini: a French cat, update
Mini Speaks
, even my cat is blogging
Lining up Ducks, by the Phantom
Doggy for a Day, by the Phantom
Ode to the Dog Days of Summer
Stray Thoughts~a collection of pet stories, mostly dogs
They Call me Lucy, Okay?  
Call me Hunny, please

TC's photo album, page 1
Getting ready to go, page 2 
TC's photo album, page 3
TC's Memorial Page
, a sad good-bye to an old friend
Kitten Kronicle by Diannek
Kittens! and other profound photos

So many kittens

Travel articles:
The Vintage Postcard Tour

Touring the USA:
Yosemite: always beautiful,
by Dianne K

Growing up in St. Johns, a Portland, Oregon neighborhood, by Diannek
The 50-State Travel investigation
North to Alaska, Diannek
Alaska's White Pass Railway
by Diannek
Arizona's Historic Route 66, by Diannek
Tucson: the Pima Air & Space Museum
, by Diannek
Northern California's Monterey Bay Aquarium, by the Phantom
Having fun with my camera, by the Phantom
Photo Album Rejects, #1
Hwy 395 to Reno by the Phantom
Things to do in Palm Springs for the non-golfer by Diannek
On the Road with the Phantom
Napa Valley: a conversation with winemaker Vincent Arroyo
by Diannek
Do you know the way to San Jose by Diannek
Shark Attack by Diannek
The Amtrak Zepher by Diannek
Travel Photos I forgot to show you, by the Phantom
Kauai through the Lens by Diannek
Go Take a Hike on Kauai
by the Phantom
Flying to Molokai
by Diannek
Leprosy by Diannek
Captain Cook's Landing Spot on Kauai
by Diannek
A Bird's-eye view of Haleakala
by Diannek
Chicago Cows on Parade by the Phantom
Suite Home Chicago
by Diannek
A Couple of Tourists in NYC by the Phantom
Snapshots of NYC, Karen Dale and the Phantom
New York Public Library
by the Phantom & friends
Portland, Oregon: a laughing matter by Diannek
Austin: deep in the heart of Texas by Diannek
Evoking Ireland, by Diannek

The Edges of California, Part 1: Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz, by Diannek
Edges, Part 2: Big Sur, by Diannek

Traveling Outside the USA:
Dear Diary: Italy Again, by the Phantom
On Knowing Nothing about Africa by Diannek
Holey Cow, I'm in Calgary, by the Phantom
Vancouver: finding Chinatown by Diannek
Vancouver: horsing around Stanley Park by the Phantom
Victoria, BC: lovely as ever, by Diannek
Victoria, BC: tea anyone?
by Diannek
Captain Cook in Canada by Diannek
A Paris Photo Album by Diannek
French Impressions by Diannek
The View from the Backseat: Mexico backroads, by DianneK
Idling in Firenze by Diannek
Grace Notes: impressions of Firenze, by Dianne
Touring Italy by Train by Diannek
Pitti Palace Artist by Diannek

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