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Waiting For Daddy

by Lina Rehal

Lina is a self-published author and freelance writer. She loves creating characters and writing contemporary romance stories. Loving Daniel is her first novel and book one of her Tucker’s Landing series. It is available on Amazon.com in both print and Kindle formats. Email her at rehalcute@aol.com or visit her website www.thefuzzypinkmuse.com

Katie wrapped one arm around Brodie’s neck and snuggled against his warm, furry body. Sitting in front of the living room window, they watched the heavy, wet snow build up in the driveway. The dog’s hot breath fogged up the glass. She rubbed her tiny hand in a circular motion against the pane and cleared a spot so she could see out.

“Don’t worry. Daddy’s a good driver. He’ll make it.” Reassuring her canine friend helped Katie believe it.

Through the frosted glass, she could see her older brother attempting to shovel the driveway. After almost an hour, Danny gave up and came back in the house. He stomped his feet in the mudroom. “It’s no use, Mom. Snow’s mounting too fast.”

Abby Maguire listened to weather reports as she prepared dinner for her children. The snow was coming down at the rate of an inch an hour. I knew Dan should have stayed at work, but it was Katie’s birthday and he said the storm wasn’t supposed to intensify until later tonight.

She stood by the door and watched her son pull off the boots that were an early Christmas present. Water dripped from his matted hair onto bright red cheeks. Abby handed him a towel. “Thanks for trying, Honey. Here, dry yourself off. Get out of those wet clothes and warm up. We’ll worry about the driveway later.”

He saw right through her seemingly brave demeanor. “Still no word?”

“Not since he left work. That was over three hours ago. The battery on his cell phone was low.”

At fifteen, Danny understood the seriousness of the situation. He tried to give his mother positive thoughts. “It could have died on him.”

Or, he’s stuck on the side of the road somewhere, or worse. Abby, didn’t want to think about the possibilities. Instead, she concentrated on her kids.

“I’m sure that’s why he hasn’t called. Dinner’s ready. Go change and then you can have a nice hot bowl of beef stew. I’ll get your sister.”  

Abby stepped into the living room. She could barely see out the window. Her eyes clouded at the sight of Katie clinging to the dog. Dan, where are you! Dear God, please let him get home safely.

“Come have something to eat, Sweetie.”

“But, I want to wait for Daddy.”

“You need to eat. Brodie will watch for him.”

“Okay. But, we’re not having the cake until Daddy gets home.”

Reluctantly, Katie followed her mother into the kitchen. Danny came back in and sat down at the table. He saw the worried look on his little sister’s face. He ruffled her hair. “Don’t worry. Dad wouldn’t miss your birthday.”

Katie knew Danny was trying to make her feel better, but she saw how bad the storm was on the news. “All those cars are stuck. What if he’s one of them?”

“He’s got a heavy car with good tires. It can get through anything. Eat your supper. You’ll need your strength to blow out all eight of those candles later.”

Abby was proud of her son and amazed at how good he was with his sister.

Katie had only eaten a few spoonfuls of stew when Brodie let out a loud bark, jumped off the window seat, ran to the table and back to the window. They all heard a car and saw the flash of headlights pass over the big window.

Katie dropped her spoon. “It’s Daddy! He’s home!”

The dog bolted for the door to greet his master. They all got up from the table and hurried after him.

The front door burst open. Brodie nearly knocked Dan over. Katie ran to her dad. “Daddy! Daddy! You made it!”

He grabbed his daughter, lifted her in his strong arms and hugged her. “Of course I made it.”

Dan smiled at Abby and Danny. Grateful to be home, he kissed Katie on the cheek. “Happy birthday, Sweetheart. I hope you saved me some cake.”

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