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Red vs White

by Leonard Treman

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Leonard is a run of the mill 23 year old author.
He was afflicted with autism from a young age whose issues after years of therapy have all but vanished; thus creating a somewhat normal individual with a unique capacity for understanding how people understand things.  

As I drove home from work a car behind me on the road gave me a friendly hello via, a blink of his lights.  I work as a stock guy and people say I’m not the brightest, I know better. I’m absolutely brilliant. I work with well-bred customers who enjoy reminding me of my position and I was absolutely cheerful after getting off.

The red jeep kept right up a few feet behind my car.  He continued to blink his lights in quick playful gestures that would light up the whole area around my car. It was as if he was challenging me to a
light blinking game. I wanted to accept the game, but I had nothing to shine back at him.  Then it hit me, I had brake lights.

He quickly jested at me with his glaring white headlights and I returned the gesture with a quick return of my red brake lights. Then he flashed his headlights a few more times, this time with a bit more
exuberant energy. I returned the volley with a handful of red blink flashes. It was a gleeful time we had on that mile long road.

I wasn’t the sole recipient of his playful jests. However, he shared them with many people on our trip. The jeep kept acting as if he was going to turn into oncoming traffic. He was the real adventurous sort. He kept going onto the wrong side of the road and then seeing the headlights of his other playmates and turning back into our lane to shine them at me some more.

What may have been five minutes in real time may have seemed more like a lifetime to my fellow motorist. At the end of that all too brief mile long road we reached the stop light and the red jeep turned right in what seemed like a scene from a racecar movie as his tires made a screeching sound as he rounded the corner and he gunned his engine and went at speeds that would’ve beat a cheetah in a race. I hope to encounter that particular motorist again as I feel we could have had so much more fun on, say, a two-mile road.

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