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A Happy Accident

by Mary Cooney-Glazer


Mary is currently writing Romantic and Suspense fiction. She has had a life-long career as an RN and often uses her experiences for plot elements. Mary lives North of Boston with coffee always ready, her husband, and a spoiled cat.


Maggie was enjoying her early morning drive along the ocean, even if it was an unplanned coffee run. Then, her car lurched forward as she heard a loud bang.

What just happened? 

The road ahead was clear. Nothing showed in her rear view mirror. Puzzled and rattled, it took her a few seconds to pull over, shut off the engine and walk to the back of the car. She found a young man, lying under his overturned motorcycle. Although unconscious, he was breathing. The round dent in the trunk hood matched the shape of his helmet a few feet away.

Oh my god. “Can you hear me?”  She dialed 911 immediately.

Jim Morgan, on his way to breakfast, saw what happened. He pulled over and ran toward the accident.

A woman knelt on the ground, next to the man who had crashed into her car. Suddenly, he pushed his bike aside and jumped up, nearly knocking her over. Jim moved closer, ready to intervene. He smelled stale cigarettes and beer.

“Why’d you make me hit you?  I was riding, came around the corner, and there you were!"

He noticed she didn’t flinch at the young man’s intimidating posture and raised voice.

She’s concerned about him. Not thinking at all that he might hurt her.

“You’re injured, maybe badly. I’ve called an ambulance.”

“I’m fine.” He pulled the bike up and tried to hop on.

“Your head dented the trunk!” she told him.

Instead of answering, the biker started crumpling to the ground. The newcomer caught him in muscled arms and eased him down.  Maggie made sure to support his neck and head. They worked as a team to keep the biker still and calm.

Within minutes, an ambulance, a Plover Cove patrol car and the fire rescue truck were on the scene.

“What happened here, Sarge?” one of the cops asked.

There was nobody else around when my car was hit. What would have happened if he hadn’t come along? Everyone here seems to know him.


By now Maggie had noticed her rescuer’s black wavy hair and deep brown eyes. His rugged square face appealed to her.

“I saw this guy shoot out of the side street way too fast. Slammed into this lady’s trunk pretty hard.”

The paramedics and firefighter EMTs were with the cyclist. “Lucky he had two people who knew exactly what to do,” one of them remarked.

Now that it was over, Maggie was shaky. She sat on the curb and put her head between her knees.

“Ma’am, are you OK?” Jim came to crouch next to her.

“Yeah. Sorry for being such a wimp. It’s just that nothing like that ever happened to me before. I knew it could have been awful for him.”

He noticed her hand was trembling a bit and she sounded like she was trying not to cry.

Not as cool as she pretended to be back there. Did a great job under pressure though. Probably the reason that clown will be OK.

“Sure.” He patted her arm. “But you were calm and focused while everything was going on. That’s what counts. It’s normal to react a little when the pressure’s off.” 

There was warmth in his eyes when he introduced himself. “I’m Sergeant Jim Morgan with the Plover Cove motorcycle unit.”

Wonder where she was headed so early on Sunday? Why do I even care? We’ll be done in a couple of minutes.

“Can I call anyone?”

She turned to face him. “No. I just moved here. Don’t know a soul in town. I ran out of coffee and was on my way to get some when he hit me. I’m Maggie Crenshaw.

“Hey Sarge,” a young cop called to him. “We need to speak to the lady. Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.” 

Jim nodded. “Come over here. Let her sit for a few more minutes.”

The young man’s partner took him aside. “Reynolds, I’d be very quick. Looks like the Sarge is taking a personal interest in this thing. Understand?”

“Yes Sir. I see that.”

As Maggie answered questions, Jim found himself attracted to the way she was polite and thorough. It didn’t hurt that she was naturally cute without makeup, wearing her blond hair in a loose ponytail.  He could see her figure was nice, even though she wore loose sweats.

Maybe in her early thirties. Not wearing rings. Now why would I notice that?

Jim was happily single, casually dating several pretty women. 

But there’s something special about this lady. I want to know her better.


Maggie sensed Jim watching her. Why couldn’t I have met him when I looked decent?

He’s being so kind and attentive. Wonder if he’s single? No ring.


Her attraction to the tall policeman was a surprise. He wasn’t her usual type. 


Jim broke into her thoughts. “It’d be a good idea to make sure you car’s OK to drive. There’s a restaurant parking lot about a quarter mile down the road. How about you drive there and I’ll follow?”

Maggie was disappointed to discover the car drove fine.


Guess that’s it with Sergeant Morgan.


In the lot, she got out and gave him a thumbs up. Jim opened his door to stand next to her. “Looks like you’re good to go, I guess.” He didn’t sound happy. 


She shook his hand. “You’ve been terrific. I don’t know how to thank you .You were so sweet about helping me to settle down.”


His eyes danced. “I’d consider you having breakfast with me a nice thank you.”


“I’d love it! But I left the house with about five dollars. I can’t let you buy breakfast after everything else you’ve done.”


“No worries. If it makes you happy, we can make more plans and then you can buy.”


She smiled up at him. “So, will you be my first friend in Plover Cove?”


With a wide grin, he answered, “That would be my great pleasure, Maggie.”


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