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Text message abbreviations:
the short list

by the Phantom

Some of my friends are amazed that I know how to send text messages. I know, I know, people of our advanced ages are not supposed to be technologically savvy, right? Uh-huh. But texting is fun, as most teenagers figured out years ago. True, texting can be dangerous (while driving), irritating (while in the movie theater), and rude (on a dinner date), but there are lots and lots of times when it's fast, fun and useful to simply fire off a text. Unfortunately for us older texters, we have fewer pals to play with.

No matter, as all texters eventually realize, it's easier to abbreviate than to spell out whole words, plus you only get 140 characters per text, so space is limited. Over the years, some abbreviations have become so common that they are practically words unto themselves. You will find them, not only in text messages, but also in email message and Facebook posts too.

So here's the short list of abbreviations everybody probably knows by now:

AFK: away from keyboard
B4N: bye for now
BRB: be right back
BTDT: been there, done that
DYJHIW: don't you just hate it when
F2F: face to face
GMTA: great minds think alike
IMHO: in my humble opinion
LOL: laughing out loud
LMHO: laughing my head off
OMG: oh my god
PEST: please excuse slow typing
ROFL: rolling on the floor laughing
TTFN: ta-ta for now
YOYO: you're on your own
YWSYLS: you win some, you lose some
WYSI: What you see is

...and the list goes on. For thousands more, just google text abbreviations, or simply make up your own. Chances are somebody will figure them out.

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