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My Summer in Paris

by Mini, with a cat's eye view of the world

Alors, it haas been so long since I last touched base with you. I've been sooo busy, traveling zee world in search of adventure. And as you will see from my new iphone photos, I have been so very successful. Paree was wonderful, as usual. I found zee park perfect. No curs allowed, and so many of mes amies met there to do what cats do. I don't have to go into detail, eh? Yvette was so, how shall we say, adorable, lounging in zee grasses, teasing the doggies who could not touch her.

If you must know, this is Suzette, So irresistible. We spent the night in my loft apartment. She could barely move zee next morning. I had the hardest time waking her and getting her out of zee loft before Yvette showed up. Ah, zee life of a grand Parisian cat.

Here I am out on my most exquisite balcony, watching for my sweet Suzette. She can be so exasperating at times, especially when she is a leetle, how shall I put it delicately, irritated with me. I have tried to explain it to her so often: life is short, I just do what a cat's got to do.

So Paree became so unbearable that I made a quick trip, via le grand train, from le Gare de Lyon, to zee south of France. There I met Mimi, with all her golden fur and black strips. OOO la la! It was love at first sight. We spent our evenings lying on zee chaise lounges after the tourists had gone for the day. It was so glorious, I seemply cannot explain how wonderful it was, but this photo does, non?

I'm back now in Milpitas of the USA, arrgh! Whatever am I doing here? I'm Mini and I do not belong shut up in this condo in Silicon Valley when there are so many more adventures awaiting me. Pauvre moi!

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