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In memory of TC, our much loved production assistant
TC, our faithful production assistant. Gone but not forgotten!

We lost TC last month. She was about 12 years old and had been in ill-health for a few months with feline kidney problems. These things happen. TC had been our beloved PA since the very first issue of Clever Magazine back in 1998. She was always on hand, usually in the chair next to me, snoozing through the boring parts of the production process. Other times she would sit on the desk and gaze out the window. That's when she was at her best -- coming up with new ideas, visioning new strategies left and right, up and down, in the trees, on the street, watching the birds fly by, the dogs pooping on the grass right in front of her, other cats on the prowl. Seeing all that activity was tiring for a cat but she was always up to the job.

Editor's note: After a long and difficult search, the staff has decided to fill TC's vacancy from within the present staff, and so we are pleased to announce that Tooey, TC's assistant, has been promoted to the position of chief feline production assistant for the magazine. We know that's she a little young, but she has shown great aptitude and insight for internet publication. We'd like to show you her virtual resume, which speaks for itself.

cats at work
TC and Tooey putting their heads together.

Two cats are better than one 
when it comes to research.
Have mouse, will travel
A strong candidate

And so, with a heavy heart we are dedicating this to TC to honor her long years of dedicated service. As you will remember, the September issue has always been devoted to pets. This year is no exception.

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