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With Love from my iphone
by the Phantom

Now that fall is here I'm tempted to get things sorted out and de-cluttered. I was surprised to see that I have over 500 photos on my iphone. So I amused myself for a while looking at them again, trying to decide which ones I could delete (very few, I'm afraid). Then I chose a few to share. These are among my favorites.

First, my new garden. I've been working on it for about a year now. Gardens take time, trial and error, but this one is coming right along. It's small. It hadn't been given much TLC since 1976, when this house was born. There were two trees, a lemon and an orange, at the back (that needed major pruning), and lots of large and small rocks scattered around and a few stepping stones, all in the wrong places. A lot of manual labor and some plants turned it into a pretty oasis for me. It's the perfect size for me.

This is Mini. She was really Dale's cat. She was his loyal pal, slept on his pillow every night, and was his constant companion until the morning that he died. She had a hard time afterwards. She slept at the bedroom doorway for a month, and then she finally gave up any hope of seeing him again. She has become my cat now but we aren't quite as good buddies. I'm trying to be her best friend, but it's tough. When she looks at me this way I can understand exactly how she feels.

What would life be like without daughters?

I'm not sure what beach this is, maybe Mendocino area,
but it's lovely. Karen and I spent a few days there.
We decided Mendocino was a little gloomy for us.

I took this photo of a coffee shop and bakery in Cambria. Such a yummy display. I was going to show it to my local restaurant in hopes that they would step it up a little and provide some better treats. That chore is still on my to-do list.

Have you noticed that if you encourage politicians just a little, they just simply will not stop begging for money. And they send such adorable appeals. I've been saving them as refrigerator art. It's getting out of hand. There is no room left for my family photos.

I have hundreds of photos like these on my phone. You probably do too. Sort of like little love notes to ourselves. Just one of the reasons why I love my iphone. Thanks, Apple. What a great idea.

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