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Let me be your adventure...

by Maggie Aungst

Businessman with a red cape flying in the air

I live just outside Buffalo, New York and I'm currently studying as a high school student. I'm certainly new to publishing my work, however I've been writing for a while now, along with running track and I've quickly realized I have no notable hobbies.

Oh, won’t you be my superman on this blustery spring afternoon? The sun is dangling in this perfect spot, right where it glares into my sulking eyes, and I’m just staring into the sky.

-- Wisk me away to a better place than here, because heaven knows I don’t have the initiative or motivation to do it on my own.

--Take my hand; we’ll do it together, if you wish. I could just be an observer for a while, watch you adventure for a bit.

-- Save a life or two, visit some far off world while I spy your show from nearby. I could be your puppet, I don’t care.

-- Give me a chore to travel across the land, tell me to fly and I’ll try. Hand me a dare I’d never consider, but I’ll still do it in the same mindless way I’ve been doing all this waiting around.

-- Let me take a risk, you don’t have to save me.

Tell me to do something that isn’t racking my brain chronically in a bored circle of trivial thoughts; those nostalgic glimpses that trail farther into the past each moment I stay awake. They’re just more counterintuitive worries that stem from anxiety that I can’t control, and they’ve pinned me into a gray house that’s passively sunk into my form, as I passively jam my fingers onto a another key, calling for assistance. I’ll wave my white flag high, but if you’ve got better things to do, I understand.

We could do something exciting. This is so much easy, however; making promises that were born to die. To keep doing that same old thing, living the same bland day each time that swinging sun crawls over the sky. Superman, oh, superman won’t you come soon? Maybe you’ve soared right beside that sun, taunting me, but my eyes were two fixed to the screen. The days are longer, my adventures bleaker and the past seems a kinder place than now. The future seems even more promising, but how can I get there before I stumble through this?

Tell me, superman, are you ever bored? Doing all that buzzing about must at least be stimulating. Let me tag along, just this once. You’re always so busy anyway, how about I just watch? A companion wouldn’t make much difference, right? A spectator? Only if you want, it doesn’t matter much to me, now. I’ll just sit here until you’re just as bored as I am. Then you’ll get it; you’ll get this dejected feeling in your chest, you’ll fall into this isolated pit where your head throbs if you even think of getting out. And all you can see is that falling sun overhead. You might just find me there, too. Sitting in my own spot where no one can find me. We’ll adventure together then, right? When we both can be each other’s superman? No? That’s fine. I’ll just stew here, waiting for you to find me, optimistically dreaming of the expeditions we’ll have.

I’m all right, everything is fine. It’s not the lonesomeness, the almost sad, the things I could be doing; it’s the fact that I’m bored of it. I could go and find you, but then I’d just be a bother. So I’ll just sit here, doing the same old thing, while you go off and do your same old thing. I’ll just spend my days waiting and waiting and waiting for that shadow in the sun to flicker overhead, and kick up the clouds around it. That sounds pleasant, I guess.

Why don’t we try something new? Forget that one big star, when we can have them all if we go out at night. We’ll walk instead of fly, and we’ll gaze instead of observe. We’ll have a fresh adventure, that doesn’t need to risk a life. We can just have the night together, paint purple in the sky and write our names in the stars. Well, yours is there, but what about mine? Forget that, we’ll just do everything else there is to do. We’ll find each other this time, superman. Meet me when the sun can’t find us anywhere, and it’s a brisk spring night; the moon is a clean cut disc and the stars are fixated on us. I’ll be your adventure.

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