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Looking Back

by Jane Starbird

Jane is a committed nature lover, birder, and artist. And I am pleased to have called her my friend for many years.

Where was I in 1968 after living in a world where three assassinations of good leaders had happened in the five years prior? I was in my twenties with two small sons. Fear gripped everyone. The War in Viet Nam affected us. There were ways to keep busy without actually getting involved with criticism of our government. We hid in our shock and shame.

Now with the latest protest over police brutality and the murder of George Floyd I am proud to see the huge number of protestors march. I was a part of the group yesterday that marched from the local  high school to the city hall. I was with my son and two grandchildren. The crowd of 1500 had few people old enough to recall 1963 to 1968 but as I walked I had tears in my eyes remembering those years. Remembering all I had never done to support the banishment of the brutalities of those years.

It is the time now for this young generation to do something. Everyone is connected now. There is no hiding anymore. The internet has connected us all. I hope the actions of these mass protests will produce a better world for all of us. The youth of today will have to make the changes and I will support those changes with gusto.

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