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Critter Christmas

by Dee Walmsley
Clever's Nature Writer

Merry Christmas
Dee has included a list
of thoughtful gift ideas!
Christmas is just around the corner. A time for family and friends, religious celebration, shopping and  gift giving. Most of us open our wallets and share throughout the holiday season. The food banks stock their shelves, and  charitable donations increase. We over-indulge in our festive activities. We spoil our kids and spend big bucks decorating our dwellings, just to get into the holiday spirit.

Some of us have pets who also receive their share of the family turkey dinner and special Xmas treats. There are however many animals who will not sleep with full bellies or in warm homes with loving families. These are the unwanted pets, some of them last year's Christmas gifts who have been abandoned and left homeless, starving, parasite infested and possibly injured. We are after all, a throw away society, but we can change, and so I offer you my wish list for 2003.

Before succumbing to the desire of giving an adorable puppy or kitten  to a loved-one for Christmas, do a little research on the internet. Better yet, buy an adoption certificate from your SPCA, and after the holidays, adopt a pet that suits your lifestyle.

Here's a short list of thoughtful gift ideas:

Sponsor the spaying or neutering of a cat or dog. A certificate from a local vet will make a great gift for a friend and the pet.

Volunteer at your local shelter. Holidays are usually their busiest times. Take along a bag of food too.

Offer to walk a neighbor's dog during the holidays.

Feed the birds.  Make suet feeders from pine cones and hang them in your yard or wood-lot.

Decorate an outdoor tree with wildlife treats, nuts, berries, suet/peanut butter balls, and seeds.

Donate pet food to the food bank for the less fortunate family pets.

Make a donation  to a local wildlife shelter. They all have their own wish lists, so why not give them a call.

This Season add Creature Comforts to your Christmas List and have a very Merry Christmas.

Dee Walmsley is Clever's nature writer. She would love to hear from you.

To contact Dee: deew74@shaw.ca
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