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Christmas Blessings

by Dee Walmsley,
Clever's Nature writer


Don't forget to put some food out for the birds this winter. If you feed any other wild things, keep their food bowls filled too. Urban wildlife easily become dependent on us. When the weather is cold and there's snow on the ground, things are bleak for wintering animals.

Blessed are the animals for they mean no harm.
Blessed are the people who keep them safe and warm.
Blessed are the teachers who teach of the creatures and their never-ending plight.

Poachers take babies and sell them to the zoo 
killing parents for the likes of me and you.

Hunters shoot mothers in the middle of the night.
While trappers snare others far away and out of sight.
Caged, chained and cowering, dying when they can.
Animals often suffer in the cruel hands of man.

Blessed are the children so innocent and free,
Loving all God's creatures on land or in the sea.

Teach them to forgive the poachers for they know not what they do, as they try to feed their families just like me, and you.
Help them to show the hunter the error of his ways,
that shooting with a camera will make for better days.

Blessed are the animals leave them wild and free, 
let them teach our children how rich their lives might be.

Dee Walmsley is Clever's nature writer. She would love to hear from you.

To contact Dee: deew74@shaw.ca
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