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Urban Wildlife
a couple of checklists and a gift list!

Backyard gift list:
1. Birdhouses
2. Birdbaths
3. Bird and Squirrel feeders
4. Living trees and shrubs for backyard planting
5. Local wildlife identification manuals
6. Binoculars for bird watching
7. Memberships to wildlife associations
8. Subscriptions to Audubon
9. Bird seed, squirrel food
10. Adopt a pet from the local humane society
11. Nature books

Take the Wildlife Pledge
(from the National Wildlife Federation)

4 Steps to save wildlife in our backyards and forests, rivers, wetlands, prairies and other wild places:

1. Food: provide as much vegetation as possible including shrubs, trees and other plants that produce foods such as acorns, nuts, berries and other seeds.
2. Water: Make water available through a birdbath, a small pond, a re-circulating waterfall or a shallow dish. Wildlife need water for both drinking and bathing.
3. Cover: Provide protective cover for wildlife through densely branched shrubs, hollow logs, rock piles, brush piles and stone walls. After the holidays you can put your old holiday tree in the backyard for a few months. It's an easy way to provide the needed cover.
4. Places to raise their young: Build birdhouses and nesting shelves attached to posts, trees or to a building. Dense plantings of shrubbery provide safe areas for many species of wildlife. Species such as salamanders, frogs, toads and insects require a large body of water as a safe haven for raising their young.

How to avoid Mountain Lions
-Hike in a group rather than alone. Avoid running -- don't look like prey.
-Keep children close to you -- preferably in view just ahead of you.
-Never approach cougar kittens -- leave the area immediately.
-Follow the rules regarding pets in the park -- don't take your pet on trails or in the backcountry and never leave it unattended at the campground -- you could lose it.

If you see a mountain lion on the trail:
-DON'T RUN! Stand still and face the lion with your companions
-Immediately pick up and hold small children
-Stand upright to make yourself appear larger -- wave your arms and make a noisy commotion if the animal moves toward you
-Back away slowly while facing the animal
-If attacked, fight back aggressively
-Report all sightings at the nearest ranger station

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