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Having fun in the summer:
pick up a puppy!

..and make a life-long friend

Summer is here, and perhaps you're going to be doing what lots of Americans will be doing this year -- staying home. Maybe it's time to clean up the backyard and pretend it's a resort. Tie up a hammock, water the grass, buy some patio furniture, invite over the neighbors (or not). Could it be the one thing that's missing in this little pipe dream is a brand new puppy for the family. Wouldn't everybody just love that. It's a special time in our lives when the new dog comes home.

And you might not know this, but the local animal shelters are over-crowded this year. As financial times get rougher, pets suffer too. Wouldn't you please consider bringing one of those lovable creatures home with you?

Unfortunately, difficult times can be very difficult for lost, stray or abandoned pets too. Here's a list of reminders from the ASPCA from their Spring 2009 print magazine:

Top 10 ways you can prevent animal cruelty

1.       Be aware. Look out for the animals in your neighborhood and watch for signs of abuse.
1. Learn to recognize the signs of cruelty:

-tick or flea infestation
-patches of missing hair or thin, starving animals
-animals who are limping or appear to have untreated wounds
-an owner striking or otherwise physically abusing an animal
-dogs who are repeatedly left alone without food and water, chained up in a yard to kept outside without shelter
-animals who cower or act aggressively when approached by their owners

3. Know who to call. For more info see www.fightcruelty.org
4. Provide facts, get details so you can assist an investigating officer
5. Call or write your local law enforcement department
6. Know you state’s cruelty laws
7. Right for stronger laws by joining the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade, aspca.org/lobby
8. Set a good example for others
9. Talk to your kids about how to treat animals with kindness and respect
10. Support your local shelter or rescue organization

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