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Kritter Kitchen

by Dee Walmsley,
Clever's nature writer
I'm hungry

Backyard wildlife operates their own assembly line, each species having a pecking order.
Finches, chickadees, and nuthatches dart back and forth from tree to feeders, juncos, sparrows, towhees, and wrens prefer to pick dropped seed off the ground, woodpeckers and flickers
prefer suet feeders.

Crows swagger towards the pigeon dish hoping to fill up before screaming seagull swoops down seeking scraps.

Black squirrels hanging upside down steal from the birdfeeders. Yesterday I oiled the feeders and poles. Blacks flew from the maple tree and slid to the ground like seasoned firefighters. Dougies squealed with laughter, went back to sucking up seeds.

This action continues throughout the day.

As the sun sets the nocturnal creatures visit for their evening meal of dog kibble. Raccoons waddle across the lawn, sit in the yard light daintily pick up each piece of kibble, pop it in their pink mouths gaze off in a world of their own. When they've had their fill, they sit staring through the patio door.

It's treat time. One arrowroot cookie taken cautiously by mouth or gently with both hands
satisfies their sweet tooth. They disappear into the shadows.

A stray ginger cat comes calling next, watching me as he steals each piece of kibble. I dare not move or he is gone. We've been playing this game for two winters now.

Percival Possum saunters across the lawn in a zigzag pattern, nose to the ground until he reaches his dinner.

When all are finished, the bowl comes inside, I go to bed.

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