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I Believe it...

by Dee Walmsley

Clever's Nature Writer

Turtles are an endangered species!
One of thousands of animals...
including humans, maybe!

I believe without human interference nature will look after herself.

I believe forest fires, disease, and climatic change are some of the tools used by nature to maintain an ecological balance. Remember, the aftermath of fire is new life.

I believe diseases like distemper/rabies are to wildlife are like AIDS/plague epidemics are to humans. (The United Nations AIDS program states that at current infection rates, AIDS, the deadliest epidemic in human history, will kill 68 million people in the 45 most affected countries over the next 20 years.)

Disease controls animal population. When an animal’s territory becomes over-populated, rabies and distemper appears to cull their numbers, which in turn refurbishes the food supply.

I believe it’s time to stop ignoring the messages sent to us by a seemingly out-of-control planet.

I believe that the human race is just as much a part of Nature's cycle as any species that is unfortunate enough to overwhelm its environment. In addition, by neglecting our planet with pollution, global warming and an ever-increasing population, we are putting ourselves on the endangered species list.

I believe the majority of earth's human population is too busy trying to stay alive to be able to consider animal extinction or deforestation.

I believe our stewardship of this planet is controlled through greed and ignorance.

I believe in order to survive we need to address world population, 6,245,744,854 and growing, pollution, habitat and global education. 

I believe politicians need to stop short-term election related planning and get down to the business of saving what’s left of this planet for future generations.

I believe it…what about you?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead  

Dee Walmsley is Clever's nature writer. She would love to hear from you.

To contact Dee: deew74@shaw.ca
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