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From Audubon...

11 Ways to Simplify your Life
& Help Save the World

1. Park the Car. Walk, use mass transit, or carpool and you'll reduce gas guzzling and air pollution.
2. Make your Lawn Smaller. Create gardens and ponds. Plant native trees and shrubs. They make homes for native wildlife.
3. Avoid Dry Cleaning. Millions of pounds of harmful solvents are used every year.
4. Use your own Bags. Canvas bags are stronger than paper and plastic -- and they make it much easier for you to haul your groceries.
5. Kill the TV. More than $7  billion a year goes into TV advertising commanding us to buy, buy, buy. Do you really need all that noise?
6. Use email. No paper required? No stamps. And no gas used to deliver mail.
7. Don't use a cellular phone. The towers that make the technology possible cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of birds a year.
8. Drink Water. You'll help save the environment by reducing the 18.3 million tons of bottles, cans, and plastic jugs used every year.
9. Use your Public Library. By sharing your library's resources, you'll help America consume less paper and, consequently, fewer trees.
10. Stop Shopping. You'll save time at the mall (and the gas needed to get there), and you won't have to pay for stuff you don't really need.
11. Join the National Audubon Society.
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