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The Phantom!
The editor, Diannek is 
also known as The Phantom.
The drink is a special one from
Brenekes (Poipu, Kauai).

Clever is known as the ezine for the neglected demographic. When I created clevermag.com in 1998, the internet seemed to be for everybody except me. I couldn't find the sort of content that entertained me and I figured there were other folks who probably felt the same way. That's when I got the idea to create my own ezine and call it Clever Magazine, the ezine for the neglected demographic. And, I figured there were other writers who would like to have their work published but wanted a larger audience than a personal website might provide. The first issue of Clever Magazine was published in August 1998, and we are still going strong. For the first four years we updated the site on a monthly basis. Beginning in 2003 with over 1,000 pages archived, we decided to update the site about every three months or so. We figure we'll change with the seasons. 

Now it's 2013 and the internet is changing. Social media comes in many forms. We're facebooking, twittering, reading electronically, and who knows what else. Ezines like Clever have become sort of traditional, and not as edgy and interesting as they once were. Sigh...

Clever still get lots of traffic but mainly it is to our archived materials like the travel articles, some of our "how to" essays, and of course, the humor pages. We get fewer "new" subscribers, except for contributors. That's another clue. Writers are having a more difficult time than ever finding outlets for their work. Ezines are still collecting the short stories, travel articles and so forth but we are having a much more difficult time interfacing with the new media outlets.

So we need to change with the times. For now, we will still look at submissions but we will be much more selective. We will be looking for work that will interest the casual surfer, or will get picked up by other websites. We will continue to publish: travel and humorous essays, nature stories, pet essays, and flash fiction.  Our format is designed to remind us of print magazines and our goal is to amuse, entertain and inform the readers, with a touch of humor on occasion. Most of the articles come from contributors (rather than the editor herself) and "Payment" is in the form of bragging rights only. 

We are looking for:
Travel essays:  travel essays. Photos are required. (.jpg files only)
The Environment: nature articles, or travel experiences with an environmental message.
(Poetry: Clever is no longer accepting poetry.)
Humor:  Our humor page consists of short jokes, funny stories, one-liners -- the best of the current email humor that is making the rounds. If the humor piece is your original work, please indicate that information with your submission. All other humorous material is considered to be anonymous email humor and free to anyone who cares to copy it.  
Pet Pages: personal essays or fictional short stories about animals. Include photos.

The bottom line:

Send material as attached MS Word files to editor@clevermag.com via email: If your material is of relatively short length, please include it in the body of your email. Photos and accompanying artwork must be simple, quick-loading images: .jpg only.
Length (number of words): The maximum word length for the typical Clever feature article is changing. Shorter articles are now encouraged. We are interested in flash fiction, that is, stories of less than 1,000 words. We are no longer accepting material that runs over 1,000 words.
Formatting your article: Arial font, 10 pt. type preferred. Do not double space between lines. Do not double space between sentences. We will not edit your work for you. If it isn't ready to publish, we will return it to you.
Content: We are not interested in publishing x-rated or pornographic materials of any kind. We know it when we see it. We do not publish political or religious pieces ever.
Review process: All submissions will be reviewed by the Clever staff and you will be contacted within two to four weeks. Our criteria for accepting work for publication are: 
1) quality of the writing. We are eager to work with both previously published and new writers. 
2) whether the material will "fit' into a future issue
3) whether it fits the general tone of clevermag

Payment for your contribution is limited to bragging rights that your work is suitable for publication on somebody else's website. .
Archiving your work: We have a new policy. We will no longer atomically archive every piece that we publish. If your work is not being read, we will delete it when we publish the next issue. If it is being read, we will archive it. We are currently in the process of cleaning up our archives. Anything older than three years is being deleted. Also, if your work has been published within the last couple years but isn't being read, it will also be deleted.

Contributor's obligation: If you are published on our site, let your friends know. Encourage them to visit Clever. That will definitely help drive some new traffic our way.

Restrictions: None. You are free to simultaneously publish your work on any other electronic or print magazine.

If you have any questions about Clever Magazine's publishing guidelines, please fire off an email to editor@clevermag.com.

Diannek, Editor

FYI: Here's the text of an interview I did with rejectioncollection.com about editing Clever Magazine. Occasionally Clever rejects material that we receive. This article might help prospective writers understand the process.

Find it here!     

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