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Dear Clever: advice for the neglected demographic!

We are pleased to present our new columnist, 
Patti Schaffer, who will answer your questions and even give advice when needed. Please notice that Patti is knowledgeable, practical and sincere. And she is standing by ready to answer nearly any question you might have.

Address your questions to Patti@clevermag.com
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DearClever is here for you

Dear Readers:

“Tis the season” but what season is it exactly? My mailbox is full of letters with questions and complaints about December holidays. Here are some excerpts:

“I hate when people try to take the Christ out of Christmas. Isn’t it disrespectful? One of the worse things I’ve heard is a Christmas tree being referred to as a holiday tree.”

“Every year I receive invitations to ‘holiday’ parties. These are decorated with pictures of holly and berries, Santas and candy canes. Why can’t people just admit it’s really all about their holiday.”

“Why are people such grouches? I love wearing my Christmas sweater, earrings and Santa hat as soon Thanksgiving is over. I work with the public and have been asked to tone things down.”

“I was so offended when I went to the DMV today and workers were dressed in a way more appropriate for Santa’s helpers at a mall. What happened to the separation of church and state?”

“Christmas is such a magical time for children, I love talking to them about it. A few parents have almost yanked their kids away from me. Are people so worried about kidnappers that I shouldn’t do this anymore?”

“If one more person asks my child ‘And what did Santa bring you?’ or worse yet, ‘Have you been good this year so Santa will come?’ I might totally lose control. How can a stranger assume that we celebrate Christian holidays?”

“Isn’t Kwanzaa just a pretend holiday?

“When they refer to Kwanzaa as ‘made up’ I wonder if they think other holidays have always been around.”

“Winter solstice, do people dance around naked in snow? If so, how can I find out about local observances?”

Ms. Clever dreams of the day when Christmas is recognized as a religious holiday and the White House tree is a thing of history. Our economy will thrive without people going into debt in a holiday shopping frenzy. Families and friends will gather for whatever traditions they honor and enjoy each other’s company.

My holiday gift to you is this one bit of advice -- useful all year and on all occasions -- open your eyes and hearts before opening your mouth.

Here are some websites if you'd like to learn more about various winter observances. 



Kwanzaa: http://www.officialkwanzaawebsite.org/origins1.html

Winter Solstice: http://www.echoedvoices.org/Dec2001/DecSolstice.html

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