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Over the years, Clever Magazine has entertained you
with many items of interest that we've decided to categorize as

Personality tests and miscellaneous quizzes include the following:

World's Easiest Quiz, are you smart?

The Cake Test, which answers the ago-old question, does your favorite dessert reveal more about you than those extra pounds you're carrying on your hips?

The Cartoon Character Personality Test: which of the six are you?

The Simplified Astrology Chart -- no more Pluto aligning with Mars. The birth month tells us everything we need to know about a person.

Treeology -- what tree-type are you?

Personality tests -- more ways to figure things out.

Figure your age by chocolate!

Feng Shui Horoscope - with edits from the Phantom

Clever investigates:

The truly amazing things that Coca Cola can do, like melt a steak and clean the toilet bowl.

The Hunza Bread Diet scam

Debunking the Traveling Companion dilemma

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