Clever Magazine's 
Fiction Archive

Here's our collection of recent fiction, mostly flash fiction, all very good.


The Killer and the Angel,
by Daniel Burke
A Catty Arrangement, A Pinch of Spice, by Patricia Crandall
A Typical Thursday by Julie Eller
Broadus, by Phillip Ghee
Ever Ready, By Michael C. Keith
If Words Could Kill, by Nomi Liron
The Avenger, The Innocent Man, The Untouchable Politician, The Last Agenda Item, Home Invasion, The Bicycle, by Martin Green
Last to Know, by Karen Karlitz
Apex Pray, by BenNardolilli
Funyons, by Maggie Wing

How's your love life?
Dinner at Les Deux Magots, by Bernie Brown
4th Arrondissement, Petals, Freddie, Venus Doesn't Glitter, by Earl Carrender

Six Dollars, by Rance Denton
Guilty Pleasures, by Joe Greco
Best Jukebox in Town, by David Francis
Violet, by Martin Green
Kuklos, by Patrick Parr
Things that should stay hidden, by Anna Peerbolt
A Bad Movie, by Wayne Scheer

Favorite Short Stories:
Goddess of the Hearth, In the Shoe, Yellow Rose, by Maryetta Ackenbom
Reform School, by David Breitkopf
The Jane Austen Death-Match, by Tim Conaway
Three Strange Short Stories, The Wedding Reception,
 The Heirloom,
by Patricia Crandall
A boy and his cat, by Jackie Gairaud
Free Admission with Children, by Matthew Dexter
A Friend for Life, The Rational Man, First Date,
Lunches, The Election
The Magic Racket, Kvetching,
by Martin Green
Dr. Glazer is Needed, A Man in Demand, by Bob Greenspan
Killer Storm, The Treadmill, by Jim Harrington
The Karotid Kid, by Anita Hess
An Idaho Morning, by Jonell Hoffman
Mozart's Marrow, Rear Vision, Grounded, The Book Whisperer,
His Inexplicables, by Michael Keith
The Box, by June Kimmell

Bed Rest, by MaryAnne Kolton

Going in Circles, by Dennis McDougle
Late, by Peter McMillan
Connections, by Deanna Morris
The Cupcake Dress, by Randi Olin
Blackberries, by Ron Shannon
Mildred loves Mustard, by EK Smith
The Treatment, by Molly Smith
Self-editing for Fiction Writers, by Nicomedes Austin Suarez
Morris, by Tricia Sutton
Stinky, by  Phil Temples
Red vs. White, by Leonard Treman
Thinkers Anonymous, by Peter Volpe
After the Storm, by Erick Zeldenberg

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