Clever Magazine's 
Archive of Art Exhibits:


Here's the Cover Art of our earlier issues


French umbrellas


Collage Artists Postcard Exchange 2013,
by Diannek
Collage Artists Postcard Exchange 2011, by Diannek

Robert Dvorák's Yosemite: an art class
Robert Dvorák: Artist-Teacher-Traveler

Clever's collection of public art:

The Lions of Florence ~ a photo essay by Scott Beavin
Stanford University's Outdoor Sculpture
~ a glimpse of a few pieces

Chicago Cows on Parade
~ their famous public cow parade of 1991
Suite Home Chicago 
~ in 2001 Chicago featured furniture as public art
Calgary - Holy Cow! ~ more cow art
Shark Attack! ~ not to be outdone,  in 2001 San Jose, CA, decked out its streets in finely painted sharks, which were eventually sold and now can be found lurking throughout the city.
The New York Public Library ~ newly refurbished and looking fabulous!

And finally, here's the "Is this Art?" File.

Photo Album Rejects, #1  
Found Art?

Find it here!     

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