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 Fall 2019

"Things are changing"

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The New Stuff, 2020
The Cat That Broke The Rule, by Arthur Carey
A Day in November: The Best of Times? by Martin Green
It Started with Trump
, by Martin Green
Change: a lifelong companion, By Barbara Kazdan

A Message from the Editor
Book Reviews
: The Book Report,
by the editor
So Many Kittens, by Dianne K

Fiction and essays:
A Sicilian Tale, by Susan Blevins
What My Little Darlings Taught Me, by Susan Blevins
Making death the Parody, by Daniel de Culla
Lost: Passion on Hudson Street, by Walter Giersbach
Destiny at the coffee shop, by Martin Green
Athena, the smart goddess, by Martin Green
Pens and Paper, by Maureen Hirthler
Living While Distracted, by Barbara Kazdan
A Cautious Acceptance Letter, by Bill Levine
The Dog on the Route, by Bill Metcalfe
Learning to Read, by Bill Metcalfe
Vote for Kilgore, by Carl Perrin
Stories from Zaphra, by Zaphra Reskakis

Travel Essays:
The “Spotted” Plains of the Masai Mara, by Rebecca Rochat
In Search of the Maltese Falcon, by Fred Steinberg

Editor's choice: From the Archives!
Weighty matters:
A Healthier Lifestyle, by Matt Hicks
Urban Hiking, by Jessica Lawson
Hooped, by Barbara Silverstein

Encore! our most-read stories from the last issue:
A Day Like any Other, by Susan P. Blevins
My Fallen Angel, by Walter F. Giersbach
The Chasm
, a cheeky little potboiler by Dianne Kochenburg

The old funny stuff:
The Feng Shui horoscope 
Some amazing food facts

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Investigations, our extremely important research
Nature stories
, saving the environment one small step at a time
Travel Essays, armchair travel at its finest

Humor Archives, or look at the following:
Relationship, senior and southern humor
Pearly gates and regional humor

The Phantom's Page: here's the editor's stuff

Ongoing collections:
Clever Cooks, here it is, our recipe collection

Movie Review Archive:
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