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 Late Summer 2020


A Message from the Editor   (updated)
Book Reviews
: The Book Report,
by the editor (updated)

Late summer updates:
Mangos and Tombstones, by Susan P Blevins
Nocturnal Hunt, by Susan P. Blevins
Girl Talk, by Walter Giersbach
Ray and Shirley, by Monty McDannald
Splenda in the time of Covid19, by Zaphra Reskakis

Featured writer, Wayne Sheer. Wayne has been a Clever contributor for years. As a way of thanking Wayne for his loyalty to Clever, I decided to feature him in this issue. I have two new stories from him to share with you, and a couple of reposts that will amuse you too.

The Dance Palace
The Cat's Pajamas
What I learned Today

Gardeners Anonymous
No Unusual Activity

Recent additions to summer issue:
Fitting a Silencer, by Glen Donaldson
August Holidays, by William Levine
The Prenup, by Monty McDannald
The Perfect Woman, by Carl Perrin
Looking Back, by Jane Starbird

The New Stuff, Summer 2020
Enough! by Phyllis Carol Agins
The Turkonians are coming, by Bob Faszczewski
Joined at the Heart, by Walter Giersbach
Three delicious short stories by Martin Green
   At the Buena Vista, SF!
   Appointment in Samarra 2020: a riff on John O'Hara
   My Day in Lockdown
Sharpening skills in lockdown, by Paula Mikrut
Well, It's about Time, by Patric Quinn
Diary of an Alien, by Phil Temples
The things we keep for love, by Stacey Tol

We added the following since winter issue was published:
The Cat That Broke The Rule, by Arthur Carey
A Day in November: The Best of Times? by Martin Green
It Started with Trump, by Martin Green
Change: a lifelong companion, By Barbara Kazdan

Editor's choice: From the Archives!
I am a writer, by Justine Blank
What is Risk? by Ken Carlson
Ticket Stubs, by Whitney Evans

Encore! our most-read stories from the winter issue:
A Sicilian Tale, by Susan Blevins
Lost: Passion on Hudson Street, by Walter Giersbach
Living While Distracted, by Barbara Kazdan
The Chasm
, a cheeky little potboiler by Dianne Kochenburg


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