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Summer '14
"Tropical flower photo
from my summer vacation"
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A Message from the Editor
Movie Reviews:  summer movies!
Book Reviews
: In Bed with the Phantom:
summer reading...

Karen and Barkley go Camping: mom's satellite journal, by Diannek

Fiction and Essays:
Coffee Italian Style, by Antonio Graceffo
Paul and Arnie, by Martin Green
Here Come the K Cars, by Michael C. Keith
Next, by Beth McKim
Objects of My Affection, by Beth McKim
What We Shared in Dallas, by Michael J. Moran
My Day in Hell: A true story, by Laurie Nelson
It fell from the sky, by Lou Perez
The Secret Life of a Turtle,
by Wayne Scheer

Zipping, by Katina Pontikes
An Adventure at the Hard Rock Hotel
, by Douglas Young

Blog Posts:
Balls: The Nature of War and the Struggle for Peace,
a blog post by Roy Blokker
The Thrill of It All, also by Roy Blokker

Summer giggles!

Wanna read the editor's stuff?

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