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Late Spring/Summer 2015

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A Message from the Editor
Movie Reviews:  Woman in Gold
Book Reviews
: In Bed with the Phantom:
catch up on what the Phantom is reading.

What's in that Emergency Kit that's out in the Shed? by Dianne K.
Homeless! a short story, by Dianne K.
Mini: a French cat's view of the world
, as told to Dianne k.

Summer Essays and short stories by Clever's contributors:

Here come The Stones, by Timmie Akerson
blog posts by Roy Blokker
The Story of How Tony-No-Nose got his name, by
Richard Brockenflabel
The Delta Dance, Robert Burns
How I Learned to Live a Stress-Free Life, and You Can Too! by Arthur Carey
Laura Liked To Think, by B. Craig Grafton
Rocky and Bullwinkle Discuss their Presidents, by B. Craig Grafton
A Lady from the Past, by Martin Green
Geologic Eras of the Back Seat, by Madelyn Kamen
The Time I Beat Fred Couples, by Paul Michelson
Personal Peggy Olson, by Tim Snyder

Little Pigs on the Piazza, by Susan P. Blevins

The Funny stuff:
Summer giggles

Wanna read the editor's stuff?

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Travel Essays, armchair travel at its finest

Humor Archives, or look at the following:
Relationship, senior and southern humor
Pearly gates and regional humor

The Phantom's Page: here's the editor's stuff

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Clever Cooks, here it is, our recipe collection

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